◆The first full automatic multi-sample fusion machine in China even the filling of the fusion sample;

◆Up to 4 or 6 samples can be fused simultaneously, shaking and filling automatically;

◆No fluid coolant required,no harm of electromagnetic radiation comparing with High Frequency induction;

◆More throughput,half energy consumption comparing with High Frequency induction.





Brief Intoduction:

The bead fusion method can eliminate the granularity, mineral and segregation effects of the samples, and can reduce the absorption and enhancement effects between the elements in the sample, and hence evidently increase the precision and accuracy of the analysis. This bead fusion method is a optimum sampling method for X ray fluorescence analysis, as well as a perfect sampling method for ICP, AA, and for indissolvable samples in wet chemical analysis.

Fusion Machine has a certain amount of domestic applications due to the emergence of domestic manufacturers and promotion in recent years. However, the usage is still too low compared with advanced countries, primarily because of the poor quality of domestic fusion machine and high price.

DY511 Automatic Electroheat Fusion Machine is developed by the company’s researchers based on the original fusion machines and the same preparation equipment in current international market, as the revolutionary result reaching to the new peak of electroheat fusion machine manufacturing technology. It is the first fully automatic multi-sample fusion machine with automatic filling of fusion sample. With excellent performances and reasonable price, the fusion machine can be affordable for the users who do not use fusion devices temporarily due to economic reasons. The launch of DY511 Automatic Electroheat Fusion Machine will rapidly popularize bead fusion method, thus improving the sampling quality of domestic analysis industry and bringing tremendous economic benefit for every industry or trade.


全自动 – 整个制样过程完全自动进行,包括熔样室的打开、摇篮及模具支架的进出、摇篮的摇摆、将熔样注入成型模具中等。

高精度 – 采用铂铑热电偶测温,对坩埚和模具中的熔融温度达到准确和精确的测量和控制。

高均质化 – 坩埚在摇篮中摇摆,保证在最短的时间内有效地搅动熔样,使熔样达到极高的均质化。

光洁度 – 熔样成型分开进行,模具的光洁度能长期保持较高(几个月),保证了样品的高光洁度。若坩埚同时兼作模具,则样品在熔融过程中对铂金坩埚的破坏使坩埚内壁会变得粗糙,一般几天得抛光一次(还会损失白金),但由于不能保证抛光和使用的频率,光洁度的一致性就得不到保证。

高再现性 – 全自动、高精度、高均质化和高光洁度保证了样品的高再现性,从而真正做到经本熔样机同一制样程序制备的不同样品仅是其成分不同而没有其他不同。

高产量 – 最多可同时熔融4个样品(可根据用户要求增加到6个)。最大制样速率达到36个样品∕小时。

环保节能 – 无需用水也没有电磁场辐射危害(如高频),无需用气也没有有毒产物(如燃气式),无需大功率电源(如高频)。采用最新的保温材料,最小巧的熔样室设计,使耗能降到最低。

使用方便 – 菜单式操作,实时温度、过程大屏幕显示,制样过程中无需人工监视。可预先自由设定最多达10个加热制样程序,其加热过程、升温速度、预氧化温度、最终温度、坩埚摇摆幅度和速度、摇摆起始温度、冷却时间、是否用风扇、风量大小等均可预先设定。选定程序后只需按[启动]键即可,真正实现一键操作。

高可靠性 – 应用单端双螺旋硅碳棒加热,电路、结构简单,保证了熔样机的高可靠性。具有最低启动温度报警,具有过流、过温断电保护并报警,并且过温断电保护采用与加热制样独立的热电偶测温,与加热控制电路一起组成三重保护,使过温断电保护更可靠。

高性价比 – 价格便宜,维护维修成本极低。摇篮及模具支架采用耐高温合金钢制成, 保证在高温状态下无任何化学反应。精致而紧凑的设计,占用很小的实验室空间。功能强大,性能卓越。是真正的高性价比产品。


Fully automatic – The whole sample preparation process is carried out automatically, even the filling of the fusion sample in the forming mould.

Superior accuracyThe temperature is measured by platinum-rhodium thermocouple which can accurately measure and control the fusion temperature in the crucible and forming mould.

Homogenization – The crucible is shaking in the bracket of the crucible, which ensures the effective agitation in the shortest time and achieves superior homogenization of the fusion sample.

Smoothness Fusing and forming are processed separately, so the forming mould smoothness can be maintained for a long term (a few months using 24 hours a day) to ensure the high sample smoothness. If the crucible is also used as the forming mould, the crucible internal wall becomes rough due to the destruction of platinum crucible by sample during fusion process which should be polished after a few days (losing platinum). However, the smoothness homogenization can’t be guaranteed without ensuring the polish and use frequency.

Superior reproducibility Fully automatic, superior accuracy, homogenization and smoothness ensure the superior reproducibility of the sample; different samples prepared with the same preparation process by this fusion machine are uniformly the same except for the differences in composition.

Productivity –Up to 4 samples can be fused simultaneously (maximum 6 samples if required by user).The maximum throughput is 36 samples∕hour.

Environment friendly and energy saving No water consumption, no electromagnetic field radiation hazardous (such as high frequency), no gas, no toxic products (such as gas type), no high power supply (such as high frequency and previous electroheat). With the newest insulation material and compact fusion chamber design, the energy consumption is the lowest.

Convenient use Menu operation; real-time temperature and process large-screen display; Sample preparation process free of supervision; more than 10 preset heating sample preparation programs available; Heating process, temperature rise speed, pre-oxidation temperature, final temperature, crucible rotation speed, rotation starting temperature, cooling time, fan or not, air volume can be preset. Press [Start] button after the program selection, one-button operation.

High reliability Heating with double helix silicon carbide rod; simple circuits and structure ensure the high reliability of the fusion machine;With minimum start temperature alarm;Automatically switching off power and setting alarm for overcurrent and overheat; Independent temperature measurement thermocouples are used for overheat protection and heating control; Together with the heating control circuit, they can form treble protection of the system and can make the power switch-off protection for overheat more reliable.

High performance-to-price ratio Low price, no consumable. Extremely low maintenance and repair cost. Elegant and compact design occupying small laboratory space, versatility and high performance. Product with real high performance-to-price ratio.


1. 加热单元:3根双螺旋单端硅碳棒;

2. 最高使用温度:1250℃,连续可调;

3. 测温单元:2根铂铑热电偶,最高测温1600℃;

4. 容量:同时熔融4个样品(可根据用户要求增加到6个);

5. 制样速率:20~36个样品∕小时;

6. 额定功率:5000W;

7. 电源:AC380~415V,三相,50~60Hz;

8. 尺寸(高′宽′深):600mm′1100mm′640mm;

9. 重量:110kg。

Technical Specifications:

1. Heating unit: 3 pieces of double helix ,single-end, silicon carbide rod.

2. Maximum usable temperature: 1250℃,continuously adjustable.

3. Temperature measurement unit: 2 pieces of platinum-rhodium thermocouple, with maximum measurable temperature 1600℃.

4. Capacity: 4 samples simultaneously (maximum 6 samples if required by user).

5. Throughput: 24~36 samples/hour.

6. Wattage: 5000W.

7. Power supply: AC380~415V,三相,50~60Hz.

8. Dimension(Height x Width x Depth): 600mm′1100mm′640mm.

9. Weight: 110kg.





Company Profile

Shanghai Yusuo Industry Co. Ltd.(formerly Shanghai Yusuo Electronic S&T Co. Ltd.) is the earliest enterprise focusing on manufacturing and researching fusion machine.It is established by the experienced people who focus on the sales, service and research of X-Ray fluorescence analysis instrument many years. Company founder deeply realized the importance of sample preparation on XRF analysis, and the best method of sample preparation is the bead fusion method, but the fusion machine was used in domestic are dependent on imports, the price is very expensive, so the establishment of the company.

The company has strong technical strength, with the technological staff, including 3 senior engineers, 1 doctor. The company was founded in 2002 and the span of a year, on the development of the DY501 electroheat fusion machine to fill the domestic blank. At the beginning of 2008, the company was the first in the domestic launch of the electroheat fusion technology to the new peak of DY521 automatic mini electroheat fusion machine. By the end of 2013, the company was the first in the domestic launch of the DY511 automatic electroheat fusion machine which is full automatic multi-sample fusion machine. Till now, DY series of electroheat fusion machine have hundreds of users, and by the user's consistent high praise. The metal fusion machine and others are under developing, and will be on the market in recent years.

Yusuo, the expert on bead fusion, your assistant on analysis.

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